Our Story

The Miramare Hotel came into being in 1927 when Adina, a farsighted woman, moved with her family to Vetulonia, a small village of Etruscan origin just a few kilometres from Castiglione della Pescaia, in search of fortune. Adina decided to build a small hotel in an area that was not yet a tourist destination and considered �outside the village� in front of a beach with coalmen's smoking pyres. With her sons' help, in a few years she was able to pay off her debts to build the hotel and noblemen, who used to go in Maremma in the hunting season, became her customers. Her son, Aldo, married Linda, a girl from Vetulonia born into a family of bakers, who then became the hotel's chef. In the meantime the second floor was built and afterwards, in the sixties, their sons, Renzo and Ado, fully renovated it and added a third floor. Enrica, Ado's wife, became a capable chef and boosted the restaurant, which became one of the Hotel's strengths. Nowadays their daughter Donatella her husband Paolo, run the family business, continuing its tradition and training their children to become 5th generation hoteliers in Castiglione.

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